Paid-Per-View (PPV) Grants

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Recommended short videos

Based on our grantees' popular go-to choices, we’ve compiled a selection of recommended short videos and films to use in your paid-per-view (PPV) or other video outreach activities.

Paid-per-view checklist

This simple checklist will help you to ensure you've got everything covered for your video outreach event.

Recommended veg pledges and starter kits

When you’re engaged in vegan outreach, and someone expresses interest in taking the next step, have a call-to-action ready. Veg pledges motivate and guide people who wish to explore veganism further. Veg challenges appeal to people who like to step up their accountability.

Paid-per-view signage (required by VegFund)

Invite people to watch a video for $1 or a free cupcake and credit VegFund by displaying these signs at your paid-per-view event. If you're using a vegan treat as an incentive, display the "Common Food Allergens" sign.

See what other grantees are doing

19-year-old Erika held paid-per-view (PPV) outreach events at local college campuses. She convinced 149 non-vegans to watch a short but powerful film in exchange for a dollar. The film sparked long conversations and serious interest in reducing or eliminating the use of animal products.