Community Event Grants

Food Sampling

It’s easy. It’s delicious. There’s no better way to change notions about vegan foods than to invite folks to try some for themselves. Everyone likes to eat — and that’s why trying new food together is an ideal opportunity to start conversations about the value of plant-based diets and vegan living.

Paid-Per-View (PPV)

Most people are unaware of the standard practices in industrialized agriculture that inflict extreme cruelties on animals raised for food. The short videos used in paid-per-view (PPV) events are typically graphic, but they convey important truths that everyone should know. Invite people to watch a brief (3–5 minute) video in exchange for a dollar or vegan food sample — and start a conversation!

Film Screening

Documentaries and other films are powerful tools for social change. They engage the viewer through skillful storytelling while revealing compelling and information that's often not known to the public. Effective filmmaking stirs the emotions of viewers and expands their perspective.

Festivals & Fairs

Vegfests, along with vegan fairs and expos, are a growing international phenomenon fueled by the energy of vegan activists. These plant-powered events — along with health, environmental, food, and other types of fairs — draw veg and non-veg enthusiasts alike to experience and learn about vegan foods and lifestyle choices.

Learning Events

Share your knowledge and expertise with the world! Host a conference or panel discussion, teach a course, develop and market a webinar, or create a shareable tool such as a video or pamphlet to educate the public about plant-based living or promote veganism!